Power Si

Power Si

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Power Si is the original patented form of stabilized, bio-available silicic acid for crops. It is a proprietary mix of micro-elements supplemented with boric acid, phosphoric acid, and potassium sulfate. It is pure, highly concentrated, with fast visible effects.

  • Increases absorption & utilization of nutrients
  • Reduces nutrient salt build-up & moisture dehydration of your crops.
  • Builds stronger cell walls, decreasing susceptibility to various diseases, & resulting in stronger plants & thicker stems, & increases dry weight.
  • Controls & reduces the space between internodes caused by environmental stress & nutrition imbalances.
  • Resistance against abiotic (non-living physical & chemical elements: temperature, weather, natural disasters) & biotic stress (living organisms: pathogens & pests), & reduces the need for pesticides.

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Tags: Orthosilicic acid, amino acids